About Us

Dr. Zsolt SzabóWelcome with respect all of my visitors, my old and prospective patients!

In 1993 I finished my studies at the Faculty of Dentistry at Semmelweiss University  Budapest. I worked in Budapest at general (NHS) and private practices. Currently I’m working at a privatised practice, providing thorough dental treatments for my dear adult patients.

Having succesfully completed my residency program, I took my specialist exam in 1997 and it was around this time that I’ve started gaining a keen interest in dental implantation.

We provide a very high quality dental treatment in Budapest. Our practice is a family run business wich gives you a more personal service.

Our officesI would like to welcome enquiries from everybody who decides to choose me in this competitive field of dentistry  in the lovely city of Budapest


Kind regards,

Dr Zsolt Szabó